So many ideas.

So I’m creating two servitors, probably tomorrow. The first one will be kind of like a watcher/overseer to make sure I stay focused and work on my projects no matter what, I’m notorious for being all over the place and I really want to get this Fotamecus thing going. No way I’m going to allow my procrastination and sporadic tendencies ruin it.

The second one I guess will be similar, but I’ve somehow got to incorporate a way to have a servitor help me to multitask more efficiently, because I have so much to do (not just occult wise, but in general) and need to get it done.
As far as the project goes, I’m still working some things out, I’ve done a little more working with Fotamecus, Continue reading


A little update

Over the past few days I’ve done a little work with Fotamecus. Just getting myself used to working with him. Nothing big, a little compression, a little expansion. Pretty much standard use for him. I’m getting ready to try something a little different though, an evocation of him just to talk about some possibilities of working with him. Hopefully this temporal chaos magic project will be up and running soon.

Also, I think I may create a few servitors over the next couple days. I really need some for a few specific tasks, I’ll probably at the very least post my methods here, maybe even the servitors themselves if I think they could be of use to others.

I have a lot on my mind right now, so over the next day or so there might be quite a few new posts here. Be sure to check them out. 🙂

Temporal Chaos magic

I read a lot. I read just about everything I can get my hands on. One thing that I’ve been reading a lot recently (well, recently as in the past few years I suppose) is a webcomic known as MSPaintadventures. The current story is brilliant! Great characters, hilarious dialogue, and an extremely interesting (if somewhat convoluted) story arch involving time travel, temporal paradox, parallel universes, creation of said universes, self-siring, and a whole bunch of other crazy shit.

It’s somewhat difficult to read at first, when you get into the meat of the story, things are introduced, and aren’t explained for (what feels like) an extremely long time, because of the nature of the plot, things happen early in the story, because of what happens later in the story. There are time you read a few pages and go, “OH! that’s why x happened like a billion pages ago”. The author has been working on the current story “Homestuck” for I think about 3 or 4 years now? Since I was in 11th grade, because I remember when he started it. Just checked, started in 2009, so almost 4 years.

Anyway, aside from saying you should definitely read the story, it brings up some interesting topics. A character in the story called Dave, also known as the Knight of Time, does some pretty crazy stuff in certain parts of the story. Continue reading

Invocation of Belphegor

Copied from my post on Oct. 14, 2012

I’ve successfully completed my first demonic invocation. Ritual modeled after E A Koetting’s demonic invocations in Works of Darkness, I chose Belphegor for a number of reasons that I wont get into right now, but here is my experience.

Essentially a ‘by the book’ ritual from WoD. After reciting the invocation and calling for him to enter my I didn’t notice anything, so I repeated it, and as I was about halfway through the candle on my left side flickered like it was going to go out, I looked over and saw that a fly had flown through the flame of the candle, and was burnt and dead lying next to it. Never heard of a fly committing suicide before, could just be a coincidence but I thought it was strange enough to type up I suppose. I finish the invocation and rest my hands on my knees, they started shaking, like when your hands shake when you are cold, felt a surge of energy coming through me, got a partial erection (don’t judge me, :mrgreen: I’m just typing what happened) and a very noticeable light headed feeling. Continue reading

Hello world!

Ah yes, the Hello world! post. I think I’m going to leave this title. This is my big ‘Hello’ to the occult blog-o-sphere after all. I’ve been a member of many different occult forums over the past few years, (RIP OF) and continue to be, but this is my first blog in the community.

I’m determined to keep this updated regularly, and hopefully having this blog will motivate me to attempt bigger projects.